Shiba Inu Lead Dev Latest Clarification On How SHIB Burns Work In The Shibarium Ecosystem

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Amid the SHIB burn hassle in the cryptocurrency community, Shiba Inu Lead Developer Shytoshi Kusama has recently shed more light on how the SHIB burn works in the Shibarium ecosystem and several other pressing discussions swelling around the Shiba Inu community. 

Shytoshi Kusama Addresses Pressing Topics

On Thursday, November 2, Shytoshi Kusama was keen to confront several topics on the Shiba Inu community on the Shibarium tech Telegram Channel. These include the dev never owning a French luxury car Bugatti, Shiba Inu burns, and use cases.

In the Telegram channel, the lead dev shed more light on the Shib burns mechanism on Shibarium – the Shiba Inu Ethereum-based Layer-2 scaling solution, due to the displeasure and disappointment of the community on the sluggishness of SHIB burn rate at the moment.

Shytoshi emphasized the “magic burns” expectation by the community, saying that this will only occur through utility and real use cases, and without it, SHIB burns are impossible. 


“Burns will only come through utility and use. The expectation is magic burns. but without real use, there are no burns. so I focus on use…many use cases and put burns in,” Shytoshi stated.

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In addition, Shiba Inu’s marketing specialist also shared her optimism about the Shib burns. She asserted that while the burns are vital, people need to know that things have to be done in the right manner. Meanwhile, some activities including Shibarium are currently contributing significantly to the burns.

“Indeed, burns are essential, and certain Shibarium initiatives are making remarkable contributions. It’s crucial for everyone to realize that things must be done in the right manner – growth first, then burn. $Shib potential is mind-blowing but in the long term,” Lucie stated

Shiba Inu Lead Dev Never Owned A Luxury Car

On never owning a French luxury car Bugatti, the lead developer pointed out in the Telegram channel that not owning a luxury car is a choice.

According to Shytoshi, the team chose to invest the money in developing a strategic card battle game launched in 2022 by PlaySide Studio called “Shiba Eternity.

The lead dev also added that his decision to invest in the Shiba Eternity game was due to personal sacrifices in order to promote the Shiba Inu community.

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“There is no other way Take the game for instance my word is good but the game is STILL NEGATIVE. I COULD HAVE BOUGHT A BUGATTI but I made a game for the community. That’s the difference between me and others yet I face fud,” Shytoshi stated.

Following Shytoshi’s statement in the Telegram channel, the lead dev also hinted at crypto Fudders (FUDs), which he has been facing shots but has not responded. However, he has decided to face the Fuds this time around.

According to the dev, he does not like to pay attention to these people because they attack and drive users, investors, or collaborators away, and bring down the ecosystem rather than buttressing the community to move forward.

“So them fudders attack and this drives away users, or investors, or partners, which drives down use, basically shooting ourselves in the foot,” Shytoshi stated.

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