Bitcoin’s Lightning Network powers innovative publisher monetization tools by Mash and TFTC

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network powers innovative publisher monetization tools by Mash and TFTC

Media monetization platform Mash and publishing firm TFTC have joined forces to introduce innovative publisher monetization tools powered by Bitcoin’s (BTC) Lightning Network (LN), according to an Oct. 17 statement shared with CryptoSlate.

These collaborative products encompass monetization, growth, and engagement solutions for publishers. Their primary goal is to address challenges related to monetizing publishing endeavors and to boost user engagement beyond the typical comment sections.


As a result, the platforms have unveiled “Reactions,” enabling users to engage with publisher content and prolong their time on the sites. Notably, this feature offers free and paid options, thanks to micro-payments facilitated by the Lightning Network.

Jared Nusinoff, CEO of Mash, said the Reaction can enhance user experiences and bring a multiplayer dynamic to the platform.


Marty Bent, CEO of TFTC, shared similar views, saying the feature empowers users to engage and directly interact with the community.

Mash, TFTC platforms redesigned for Lightning Network

In line with this partnership, both platforms have undergone a comprehensive redesign to accommodate the new products and harness the capabilities of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.

The LN is the most popular “layer 2” payment protocol built on Bitcoin. This solution facilitates quicker and more cost-effective transactions among network nodes. Its primary goal is to address the scalability challenges faced by BTC, ultimately enhancing user satisfaction and potentially spurring increased usage of the blockchain network.

Mash has introduced an engagement hub for voting, donations, and more, including meme integration. This technology leverages the Lightning Network infrastructure, ensuring seamless payments and rewards.

Nusinoff said:

“The interoperability provided by the lightning network and the benefits from corresponding network effects are a large unlocking factor. And the more publishers that sign-on, the more we all win. And it’s something that’s only possible with bitcoin, digitally native money”

Meanwhile, the platform plans to introduce a revenue-sharing model, benefiting site owners, creators, contributors, and staff in the future.

On the other hand, TFTC has expanded its scope beyond Bitcoin, incorporating more diverse topics. The platform now features exclusive content from notable figures such as Robert Bryce, Parker Lewis, Jordan Schachtel, and Whitney Webb.

Bent explained that the expansion was necessitated by the demand for high-quality content beyond Bitcoin from their audience.

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